Free Resources

Free resources I found on some websites have greatly improved my cooking skills.I have also added some free nutrition apps and tools on this page for your use. Keep visiting the page as I update with additional resources to help you build more helpful cooking skills. I hope you find them as useful as I have found them.

Free Resources: Calculate Your Recipe Nutrients

                                     Calculate Your Body Mass Index (BMI)


Here are some free cooking resources I have used to improve my cooking skills. The page will be updated periodically with additional content. Feel free to use them at will.

Check Your Calories

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        Measurement Conversion

        Free Resources

        It can be quite difficult to figure out different measurements considering the different measurement units from various countries. Here is a list of some of my favorite sites for converting cooking measurements.

        Cooking Techniques

        Cook’s Info. My favorite website for everything about cooking technique is Cook’s Info. It is an encyclopedia of all you need to know about which method is best for which food. The method you use for cooking your meals affects the food nutrients. Therefore choose your cooking method wisely to get the best nutrients out of your food.

        Food Plating Techniques/Cooking Utensils

        Free ResourcesHealthy eating should not be boring and passive. A well presented healthy dish is not only appealing but should bring out your best appetite and eventually make you happy and satisfied. Try different plating techniques and, with practice, you will get better at it.

        You can find some simple food plating techniques on this website. But Webstaurant Store. is well equipped with everything you want about food plating and cooking utensils for a modern kitchen.

        Free Downloads & Printables

        Here you will find some of the tear-pads, printables, and downloads we I have shared in some posts on the blog. You may download and print them for easy access and use. I will keep updating with more downloads and printables on this page. You simply just keep checking this page.

        10 guiding principles of complementary feeding of the breastfed child-AC




        Disclaimer: Please note that none of the websites listed above paid for a referral or sponsored this content. These are sites I have visited, used their content and found them helpful. Please use your discretion to decide where to get your information and other resources.