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Beetroot, White Rice And Yogurt Smoothie

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Adjust Servings:
1/4 cup White rice
300mls Yogurt
Mediun Beetroot
Almond nuts
120g Strawberry
3 tablespoons Honey

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Beetroot, White Rice And Yogurt Smoothie

Give your self a treat with this healthy beetroot, white rice and yogurt smoothie. It is refreshing, either for breakfast or as a dessert.

Get the calorie fullness of white rice, protein richness of almond nuts and the fruity goodness of strawberry.

I love the "adire" color of the smoothie poured in a glass. Classic!

Get your glass of nourishment!

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If you are a smoothie lover, this delicious beetroot, white rice and yogurt smoothie will not pass you by. Aside the health benefits of beetroot, I like its crunchy taste, as in beetroot rice. I love the deep purple color too. You can’t help but notice a beetroot recipe because of its distinct and appealing color.



25 minutes

Preparing the Smoothie

Wash and cook white rice until soft and marshy. Blend cooked rice till smooth.
Wash and cook beetroot until soft (about 5 minutes). Blend the soft beetroot into a puree.
Sieve the beetroot puree to remove excess flesh. Add honey to it.
In a bowl, add yogurt and honey to cooked rice. whisk thoroughly until smooth and fluffy.
Wash strawberry and cut into slices.

10 minutes

Making the Smoothie

In a tall glass (or jar), pour the white rice and yogurt cream, first at the bottom, followed by the beetroot puree, then almond and strawberry slices. Repeat this until you get to the brim of the glass (be careful not to overfill the glass to prevent spillage).
Serve chilled.
Garnish the top with more strawberry slices and almond.
To get a unique blend of color of yogurt and beetroot, use a long straw to stir the mixture, bottom-up, without mixing the whole smoothie.

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