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Catfish And Carrot Sauce

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Adjust Servings:
200g Catfish
2 medium size Tomatoes
6 medium size Carrot
45mls Vegetable oil
2 Seasoning
1/2 teaspoon Salt
3 small size Cayenne pepper
1 medium size Onions
Red bell pepper

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Catfish And Carrot Sauce

Catfish is popular in Nigeria today, because of the boom in catfish farming, both as home-farming and in large scale fish farming.
Catfish is high in protein, vitamins and moderate in fat.
The only issue I have with catfish is its slimy skin. Back then, my grandmother taught me to use potash to scrub the skin and it comes out clean and clear. You can also use maize or wheat chaff to rub off the slimy skin. It does the work fast and easy too.

You can use catfish as a whole, in fillets or as nuggets for this recipe. Any way you cook it, you get the full richness of nutrients in the fish.
To achieve a carrot-based consistency, use 3-part carrot, 1-part tomato.
This sauce can be eaten with rice, potato or yam dishes. 

Whether you like cat or not, you will love this catfish and carrot sauce.


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Do you remember the tomato disease (also called tomato “ebola”), that stormed Nigeria in 2016, caused by a pest called Tuta absoluta? . Sure you do. You probably resorted to cooking carrot stew to replace tomato stew. I cooked many carrot-based stews and sauces (necessity is the mother of invention!)

Here is a carrot-based sauce that serves as “stew” for your rice. I cooked this super sauce with beetroot rice .



30 minutes

Preparing the Catfish

Wash catfish thoroughly with potash, maize or wheat chaff-the skin is very slimy. Cut into desired size.
Place on a tray and allow water to dry off, for 10 minutes.
Wash cayenne pepper, onion, red bell pepper and blend. Pour in a bowl and add seasoning, salt, fresh garlic and lemon.
Marinade for 20 minutes.
Grill fish for 15 minutes (or bake if you prefer).

20 minutes

Making the Carrot Sauce

Wash and cut carrot into small cubes. Wash and cut tomatoes into small cubes. Use three-part carrot, one-part tomato. Blend both carrot and tomatoes until smooth. Pour in a sauce pan. Add the marinade juice (from your fish marinade), seasoning and salt to the pot. Stir-fry until you get a thick consistency.
Wash and cut carrots into big chunks. Add cut carrot into the carrot and tomato sauce. Continue to stir until carrot is tender.
Remove from heat. Serve sauce in a soup bowl and add catfish. Garnish with a vegetable or herb of choice. In this recipe, I garnished with shreds of fresh carrots and cucumber.


Special Note!

As with all fish, ensure the catfish is fresh and fit for human consumption. If you are not using the fish same day it is hatched from the farm, freeze it until ready for use. But remember, fish does not endure temperature fluctuations in the fridge.
Before use, assess fish for awful odor, change in color and feel. Any doubt about safety of the fish should make you avoid use.
Fish contamination could lead to very serious gastroenteritis and food poisoning. Exercise caution.

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