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Fortified Garri Cookies (Wainar Rogo)

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400g Garri
150g Kilishi
Wheat flour
Groundnut oil
pinch Salt
1 Egg

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Fortified Garri Cookies (Wainar Rogo)

Garri is a household staple in Nigeria-north, south, east and west. People prepare it in different ways. Your list should include popular meals such as: soaked garri with groundnut (fortified with milk), "eba" and accompanying soup etc. I don't think you added "garri cookies". Yes. It is fun snacks for kids.

In the north we call it "wainar rogo", rogo, means cassava in Hausa. But I remember we used to fry it plain in palm oil and eat with red, ground pepper.

This recipe is one fun way to make your kids love Nigerian snacks (especially "picky" kids). The different shapes of the cookies is a way for children to learn geometric shapes and engage them in the eating process.

While plain wainar rogo is purely starch (with little or no protein), The egg white and kilishi I added in this recipe are good sources of protein for the child.

What is good for Mama and Papa is also good for baby. Give your kids this simple and easy-to-make garri cookies. You will thank me later.









    20 minutes

    Preparing the Garri and Kilishi

    Remove big coarse garri particles and use only the fine grain.Pour garri in a bowl and add water (just enough to moist it, but not get it all wet). Allow to stand for 5 minutes for the garri to absorb the water and "swell up".

    Pound kilishi in a mortar (or dry-blend it) to get a powdery mix

    Add the kilishi to garri. Add a pinch of salt and egg white to the mix. Work through the mixture thoroughly (as in making a dough). Allow to stand for 5 minutes

    20 minutes

    Preparing the Garri Cookies

    Scoop out small piece of garri mixture and spread on to a board. Sprinkle some flour (to prevent sticking to board or hands).

    Use a rolling pin to flatten out. Cut into desired shapes.

    Bring a pan of groundnut ( or other vegetable oil) to heat. Use enough amount of oil (this is deep frying). Fry the garri cookies until brown.

    Remove from oil and drain excess oil in a colander.

    Serve hot!


    Special Note!

    Note that I did not add seasoning. I only added a pinch of salt. This is because the kilishi is usually well seasoned and is salty.

    I did not add pepper also. Be mindful of pepper if your kids don't like a spicy meal.

    The garri "dough" can be kept in a freezer bag and frozen for weeks or even months for future use (as long as freezer remains frozen!).
    For busy mums, this can save a lot of valuable time preparing lunch packs for kids every morning.

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