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Gurasa: Hausa Local Bread

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Gurasa: Hausa Local Bread

"Gurasa" is a local bread of the Hausas in northern Nigeria. Although it has lost popularity over the years (because it is replaced by modern bread), you still find gurasa on the streets of major cities in the north, particularly in Kano.

Years ago, gurasa was eaten with "miyar taushe" (a Hausa vegetable soup), or with ground kuli-kuli and dried pepper.

Nowadays, you can eat it with different types of soups or dips. It can also be eaten as a snack by adding protein in form of chicken, egg, beef and vegetables. This adds nutritional value to it and makes it more appealing and tasteful.

This local bread is either made from the typical baking flour, whole wheat flour or a mix of the two flours. The process of making gurasa is similar to that of making bread but the dough in gurasa is lighter.

Gurasa was made locally in an open clay pot called "tanderu" over low heat. This process was cumbersome.

However, a new and easier technique of making gurasa has emerged- where the lid of a huge iron pot is placed directly over charcoal heat and covered, to bake the gurasa slowly.

Gurasa is mostly sold dried. You need to either steam it or warm it in an oven before eating.

I look forward to making my own gurasa soon.

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In this recipe, I will eat my gurasa with local chicken soup as a starter for dinner. You can also serve gurasa as a snack.



5 minutes

Steaming Gurasa

1. Place the gurasa in a bowl. Add water to a large pot and place the bowl of gurasa in it. Allow to cook for 5 minutes or until soft. You may use a conventional steamer if you prefer.
2. Remove gurasa from heat and leave open to allow excess moisture to escape. This prevents it from getting soaked with steam and loosing its crispiness.


Serving Gurasa

1. Typically, gurasa is oval, about the size of a side dish. You may serve it whole or cut into halves or quarters for easy eating.
2. You may serve gurasa in a separate bowl or directly add the accompanying soup or filling on it. But remember, simple plating is the key.

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