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Homemade Carrot And Rice Puree For Babies

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2 medium size Carrot
1/3 cup Rice flour

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Homemade Carrot And Rice Puree For Babies

Every mother looks forward to her baby's first food. It is an exciting moment for both mother and baby. Sometimes mothers are apprehensive and uncertain about their baby's first experience reactions towards their first food.

Typically, carrot purée is plain (no cereal added). But I have added some rice flour to it for more calories and to introduce the baby to grains early. This helps to prevent the baby from refusing family meal at a later age. You may use other grains that your family normally cooks for this recipe.

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Following exclusive breastfeeding, from birth to 6 months,  you should start a baby on food, usually, semi-solids from the beginning.  From 6 to 8 months, puree is a good food starter for a baby because babies can easily digest food made in this form at this age.



15 minutes

Preparing the Carrots And Rice Flour

Wash carrots and steam (or boil) until soft, for about 5 minutes. Drain carrots. Keep the water from the steaming. You will need it to lighten the puree if it turns very thick.
Blend carrots into a puree.
Boil water in a sauce pan. Add rice flour gently and slowly. Stir and cook for 10 minutes, until a pudding is formed. Pour in a bowl.

15 minutes

Making the Carrot and Rice Puree

Add the blended carrots into the bowl of rice pudding. Stir to from a puree. If puree is thick, lighten it with the carrot water that remained after steaming (for more nutrients from the carrots instead of adding plain water).
Continue to stir the puree until consistency is light.
Serve the baby while puree is warm.

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Thanks Maman Walida for your comment.
You should continue to give your baby carrots and other vegetables even before one year. By one year your baby should be able to swallow semi-solids and soft foods. You can steam the carrots and mash it instead of making a puree as in the post.
Let me know your experience with this.
I appreciate your contributions. Keep them coming please.

Thanks for this. I will surely give it a try, though my baby is almost a year old now. Can i still try it for him?

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