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Rice And Groundnut Smoothie For Babies From 8 months

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1/3 cup Rice flour
10g Groundnut
100mls Whole milk yogurt Plain
1 medium size Banana
4 medium size Strawberry

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Rice And Groundnut Smoothie For Babies From 8 months

When your baby is 8 months, you should consider adding more healthy food to their meal. By this time, babies can easily digest many staples, vegetables, fruits, protein and dairy products.

In this recipe, I used rice as the cereal. Groundnut and whole milk yogurt provide protein while banana and strawberry are sources of vitamins and minerals.

You may use other nuts such as almond, hazel or cashew nut in place of groundnut. You may also substitute strawberries with other berries, pineapple or apple.

Did you notice I did not add extra table sugar? I didn't. This is because the whole milk yogurt contains natural sugar (lactose). The strawberries are naturally sweet too. At this age, your baby's food does not need to be sweet. You also do not want to train their taste buds to be "sweet buds".

As long as you are patient, you will enjoy your baby's journey to a healthy food start. Feeding your baby will be worthwhile and a thing of joy. Both you and your baby will have a memorable feeding experience.

Let your baby have a yummy treat!

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While you should have started your baby on a puree from 6 months, you can introduce smoothies to your baby from 8 months.

Baby smoothies comprise of the following :

  • Base cereal: rice, sorghum, oat
  • Fruits: raw and ripe fruits (e.g banana and pawpaw) or cooked and soft (e.g, apple, mango)
  • Vegetables: Soft and cooked (green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potato,)
  • Diary: Whole milk yogurt (whole milk yogurt contains fat which is good for growth. It also contains calcium for bone development)
  • Protein: cooked, soft meat (chicken, turkey, fish)

It is important to gradually introduce a baby to new food. This makes you notice any food allergies or intolerance early. You also learn which food your baby prefers or dislikes.




35 minutes

Making the Rice And Groundnut Pudding

1. Pour plain whole yogurt in blender. Add banana and a few strawberries. Blend until smooth.
2. Blend roasted groundnuts in dry blender until a semi-smooth powder forms.
3. Add water to pot and boil. Pour rice flour to boiling water. Stir continuously and cook for 10 minutes in a bowl until a smooth pudding forms. Add more water if pudding is very thick.
Pour rice in a bowl.
4. Add blended groundnut to rice pudding.
5. Add yogurt paste into rice pudding
6. Stir mixture until a smooth pudding is made.
7. Serve warm.


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