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Strawberry And Yogurt Parfait

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Adjust Servings:
Yogurt or milk, or custard
Ground nut or any other nut e.g. cashew, almond etc.
Sultanas optional

Nutritional information

This dessert is quite rich in calcium (from milk or yogurt), protein and minerals (from nuts) and vitamins (from fruits). This parfait is a wholesome dessert.

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Strawberry And Yogurt Parfait

I love parfait, any day. It is one of my favorite desserts. Forget the big word. "Parfait" means "perfect" in French. It is a tall glass of alternate layers of either custard (French Style) or ice cream (American style) with fresh fruit, sugar, syrup, topped with whipped ice cream.

I like the American type- nuts and berries and ice cream. I can change the ice cream to milk or yogurt and use variety of fresh fruits and nuts.

I make my parfait with different fruits depending on the season. I also use any nut I have at the time. For me, there are no rules with choice of fruit or nuts.

In this recipe, I have used strawberry as my main fruit. I used yogurt instead of milk and I did not add eggs (feel free to add eggs if you like). I also added dry sultanas.

Parfait is very easy and quick to make. It tastes good and is quite nutritious. Try it!

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Slice strawberry and add a little sugar. Allow to stand for 5 minutes.

Add sugar (or syrup) to cold yogurt in a jar.


making the Parfait

Pour yogurt to bottom of tall glass. Add sliced strawberries, then nuts and sultanas, then yogurt, and so on, until glass is full. Finally top glass with mixture of sliced strawberries and nuts.

Serve chilled!


Special Note!

Like any other sweet dessert, excess sugar can add to your daily sugar intake. The amount of sugar you add to a parfait should be moderate.

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